Ilectra Karakosta-Amarantidou

Ilectra Karakosta-Amarantidou graduated from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2021.

Her specialization is in Telecommunications and particularly in Electromagnetics, while her main interest lies in the area of Quantum Satellite Communications.

Ilectra Karakosta-Amarantidou conducted her MSc thesis “Single-Photon Orbital Angular Momentum for Downlink Satellite Communications” under the supervision of Professor George Karagiannidis.

She was the coordinator of the Communications Subsystem in the student nanosatellite project AcubeSAT for 2.5 years. Her team is the first in Greece that was selected to participate in the third cycle of the Fly Your Satellite! programme hosted by the Education Office of the European Space Agency.

Currently, Ilectra Karakosta-Amarantidou is working on the AppQInfo project Advanced quantum communication in free-space towards extending distance in daylight free-space QKD and the development and realization of MDI-QKD and Twin-Field QKD in free-space, as a member of the research group Quantum Future at the University of Padova, supervised by Professors Paolo Villoresi, Giuseppe Vallone and Dr. Francesco Vedovato.

Ilectra Karakosta-Amarantidou moved from Greece to Italy.