Laura dos Santos Martins

Sorbonne Université

Laura dos Santos Martins is a Portuguese early stage researcher who graduated from a MSc degree in Physics Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon – in January 2021.

At the beginning of the MSc, in the context of a one year Erasmus program, she specialised on the Physics of Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing track, provided by the host university – TU Delft, where she later returned to conduct her MSc thesis on entanglement generation in a NV-center based three-node quantum network, in the Hanson Lab at QuTech.

In September 2021, Laura moved from Portugal to France to start working on the AppQinfo project “Quantum network protocol implementation” as PhD student of the Quantum Information research group of the LIP6 laboratory at Sorbonne University, under the supervision of Eleni Diamanti. During this project, she will be working towards the goal of demonstrating an advantage for advanced quantum communication network protocols on a multi-photon photonic platform.

During her studies, Laura organised and participated in several events aimed at exploring and promoting physics for undergraduate students and she hopes that, during the PhD, she can also develop new skills in science communication.
In her spare time, Laura likes to discover new films and music. She also enjoys to listen to political commentary and to play board games.

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