Research Topics

The project will realize a variety of topics, ranging from quantum communication protocols, quantum machine learning applications to organic polaritons and quantum photonic equipment. Here is a list of scheduled projects

No.Project titleESRSupervisor(s)
1Multiphoton quantum communication in spaceMagdalena Stobińska
2Quantum network protocol implementationEleni Diamanti
3Advanced quantum communication in free spacePaolo Villoresi
4Exploitation of entanglement in quantum networksGiuseppe Vallone
5Quantum transforms implemented with multiphoton Fock state interference and their applicationMagdalena Stobińska
6Integrated multi-qubit quantum transport experiments for quantum simulationPhilip Walther
7Quantum simulators based on multiphoton interferenceIan A. Walmsley
8Analogue quantum simulation using photonsMyungshik Kim
9Strongly interacting polaritons in a latticeRainer Mahrt
10Active and passive multimode quantum interferometryNicolas Cerf
11Quantum Machine Learning using integrated platformsPhilip Walther
12Superresolution imaging via linear optics in the far-field regimeAlexander Lvovsky
13All-optical training of artificial neural networksAlexander Lvovsky
14On-chip polariton logicRainer F. Mahrt
15Superconducting photon-number resolving detectors‪Félix Bussières
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