Prof. Rainer F. Mahrt


Rainer F. Mahrt received his PhD working in the field of site-selective laser spectroscopy
in disordered systems in 1991 from Marburg University, Germany. He was a research
associate with ”Istituto di Spettroscopia Molecolare”, CNR, Bologna, Italy in 1996. He
obtained his Habilitation (venia legend) in physical chemistry in 1997 on ultrafast laser
spectroscopy. In 1999, he was appointed to a group-leader position at the Max-Plank
Institute. He joined the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (ZRL) in 2001. His current research
interests are opto-electronic properties of organic/inorganic materials, optical properties of
confined systems, nano-photonics and more recently polariton condensates for analogue
quantum simulation. R.F. Mahrt has (co)-supervised 13 PhD, 5 Master, 9 PostDoc and 4
internship students. He (co)-authored more than 135 publications in peer reviewed journals
with >9400 citations and has an h-factor of 48.

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